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Freeze-Drying Eggs I Path Cooking

Through the pandemic years, freeze-dried and dehydrated eggs had been arduous to supply. Individuals had been stocking up, particularly on the tail finish, when Avian Flu pressured many business growers to kill their hens. This led to very excessive costs. At one level, Augason Farms was over $100 a can on Amazon.

The value for Augason Farms dehydrated eggs has dropped to $58.20 on Amazon for a #10 can. On Thrive Life, freeze-dried eggs are $120.11 for a #10 can.

To present an concept of what number of eggs are within the cans, Augason Farms is 72 eggs, so .81 cents an egg. Thrive Life is 103 eggs, so $1.17 an egg.

In the event you increase hens in season, you’ll have a number of eggs to cope with. That is if you course of the eggs for long-term meals storage. (As our long-time readers know, we homestead and lift chickens) Or, if not, discover a native retailer that sells 5 dozen eggs at an reasonably priced value and course of these. Or discover a native hookup that has contemporary eggs. The style is incomparable to commercially dried eggs.

Btw, Harvest Proper is operating a Valentine’s Day sale on freeze-dryers:

Now, let’s say you occur to have a freeze-dryer available. You can begin placing these eggs to good use.

In the event you can supply eggs for below .33 cents every, that could be a good begin. Dimension doesn’t matter, so choose up what’s most cost-effective – medium and additional massive are sometimes lower than massive as a result of shoppers wanting an ordinary measurement.

Eggs from our hens, washed and drying on the counter.

I cowl the counter to maintain the mess down (cracking eggs is at all times messy).

Freeze-drying Eggs:

I recommend beginning with about ten dozen eggs if utilizing a Giant-size freeze-dryer. If eggs are homegrown, wash and let eggs dry. If business eggs, proceed.

Crack every egg individually and add to a 4-cup measuring cup. As soon as full, pour right into a blender. Run until eggs are blended, on low. This is a vital step – you wish to break the whites aside and mix them properly.

Pour into molds, then cowl molds and let freeze totally.

As soon as frozen, come out (utilizing the deal with of a picket spatula throughout the underside helps them pop). Both place in gallon freezer luggage for later processing or unfold out in your freeze-dryer trays. I extremely recommend lining the trays with the liners or reducing parchment paper to suit.

Harvest Right freeze-dryer

The trays are prepared for the freeze-dryer. The freeze-dryer is auto-sensing, so flip it on to run the cycle.

Freeze-dried eggs

As soon as it says the run is over, with a glove on, poke a couple of to ensure the inside is totally dry. If any present moisture, put it again on for one more six or so hours.

Freeze-dried eggs

It’s straightforward to powder the eggs; add them to a jar, put a lid on, and shake. They drop down into powder shortly.

Pack the eggs into glass mason jars or mylar luggage, add an oxygen absorber packet, and seal. For long-term storage, use a vacuum sealer as properly.

To rehydrate: Begin with 2 Tablespoons dry egg powder and add 2 Tablespoons cool water; stir to mix. Add as much as one other Tablespoon of water (for 3 complete) to skinny as wanted. Use as you’ll contemporary eggs for scrambled eggs.





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