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How To Carry out A Kickflip

A kickflip is a basic trick on a skateboard – but it surely’s far tougher than it seems to be in the event you’re a newbie at skateboarding. Though it’d really feel difficult to perform, in the event you follow it sufficient, you’ll grasp the method.

Should you’re serious about studying extra about the way to carry out a kickflip, you’ve come to the suitable place. From studying the basics to including variations to the method, there are tons of issues you are able to do when you grasp the kickflip. Learn on to study extra about the way to get snug on a skateboard, the basics of a kickflip, and extra.

Get Snug On A Skateboard

First, it is advisable to get snug on a skateboard. It is going to be unattainable to grasp the kickflip in the event you can’t even rise up on a skateboard with out being afraid or don’t have a number of the skateboarding basic tips down. 

Right here’s our recommendation for getting snug on a skateboard:

  • Perceive the basics of standing and transferring
  • Be taught a fundamental ollie, frontside and bottom 180, pop-shuvit, and frontside-shuvit first
  • Observe rolling and stationary fundamental tips

With these beneath your belt, you’ll be prepared for the kickflip.

Though it might sound tempting to go straight from 0-100 with the skateboard, we suggest beginning with steadiness, studying the record of fundamental tips, after which transferring into the kickflip. Take it one step at a time to stay secure. 

Be taught The Fundamentals

When you’re snug, it’s time to study the basics of a kickflip. Once more, this course of will take time – begin with step one and slowly work your method up till you grasp every half.

Let’s dive into every of the steps you should observe to carry out a kickflip. It might sound difficult at first – but it surely isn’t too difficult. 

Place Toes Accurately

First, put your toes in the suitable place. In the event that they aren’t within the appropriate spot, you don’t have a preventing probability at carrying out a kickflip. 

Place your toes in the suitable place by placing your entrance foot behind the bolts on the skateboard. Level it at a slight 45-degree angle. Place the ball of your foot on the again of the board and hold your shoulders in line. 

Do An Ollie

Subsequent, it’s time to carry out a fundamental ollie. Ideally, it is best to know the way to do an ollie – however follow it right here once more, simply in case.

To ollie:

  • Bend your entrance knee, put the load in your again foot
  • Ollie as excessive as doable

Observe this transfer time and again.

To carry out a kickflip, your ollie should be excessive sufficient to permit time for the board to maneuver. Excellent your ollie earlier than taking the subsequent step.

Flick the Board

When you’ve mastered your excessive ollie, it’s time to flick the board. As you hit the air along with your ollie, use your entrance foot and push your foot in direction of the entrance heel-side edge. Transfer your leg, then flick the deck along with your smallest toe.

This motion ought to end in a spin from the board. Make sure you kick upwards and outwards, not down – in any other case, your foot will fall beneath the skateboard. 

Catch the Board

When you flick the board, catch it. As soon as it does a whole rotation, it is best to hit it along with your again foot and push it exhausting to the bottom. Use your entrance foot to observe and safe the board on the concrete.

Keep in mind – hold your eyes on the board whilst you leap to make sure you can see when it does a full circle. Additionally, hold your shoulders as degree as doable to keep away from falling when performing the front and back foot slam.

Soak up the Influence

Touchdown shall be difficult – you’ll want to soak up the influence to guard your physique. Make sure you bend your knees when your toes push to the bottom, or you possibly can severely damage your self. Time it so your knees bend as your toes slam.

Additionally, bending your knees will show you how to hold management because the skateboard lands. Make sure you hold your face cool for max cred to the opposite skaters round you.

Proceed Observe

Observe these steps time and again, bettering from any errors that occur. The extra you follow, the better it should turn into to kickflip. It’s a fundamental trick, but it surely’s simply the toughest of fundamental tips.

Put on protecting gear as you follow the kickflip. Chances are high, you’ll fall at the least as soon as earlier than mastering the motion. 

Add Variations

When you’ve realized the basics of the kickflip, follow it time and again. Should you really feel such as you’ve mastered it you may transfer onto the variations of the kickflip for an additional problem.

There are dozens of kickflip variations, however we’re going to go over three to start out with. These will add to your cred at any skate park and make you look flawlessly cool.


First is the varial kickflip. This trick takes a kickflip and combines it with a shuvit which causes the board to twist 180 levels round because it spins in a circle. It’s very simple to journey over this trick in the event you aren’t cautious.

To carry out a varial kickflip, pop the board on the toe-side of the rear tail space of the skateboard. Then, use your entrance foot to flick the nostril.  


The double kickflip is self-explanatory. As an alternative of the skateboard flipping round as soon as, it should flip round twice earlier than you slam the board to the bottom.

Do all of the steps the identical because the common kickflip – flick it somewhat tougher to make sure it goes round twice. Should you grasp the double and also you’re able to attempt the triple, flick with a firmer foot and see what occurs. 


Lastly, there’s the indy kickflip. All you do is carry out a kickflip and kick the board away from you. Then, seize the board and pull it nearer earlier than touchdown.

Roll quick and leap excessive for this trick. In any other case, it is perhaps unattainable to perform.




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