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Leisure Barrel Works Pronounces New Canoe Packs For 2024 — Traversing

Tremendous Tump

For individuals who love a tumpline, RBW has simply upped the sport with the Tremendous Tump. A wider and longer head pad with a delicate fleece aspect is essentially the most snug tumpline obtainable. Portage your canoe barrel or canoe pack with the added effectivity of a tumpline. A tumpline transfers weight from the load on to your brow and down your backbone relieving load strain out of your shoulder-straps. The Indigenous peoples and voyageurs used to solely use a tumpline to hold their masses. Those that love the tumpline swear by it.

The Tremendous Tump is designed so you’ll be able to add it or take away it out of your barrel harness or canoe pack. Distinctive design permits for adjustment if you are sporting it to get the precise size for consolation whereas carrying your portage load.



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